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Why Do Liberals Hate The Profit Center Of THE DOD!!

Why has Obama extended the Iraq occupation timeline? Why is he surging troops in Afghanistan? Why won’t he shut down Cold War relic bases in Germany and elsewhere?

Possibly because of strategic considerations. Possibly because he’s a tool of the military-industrial complex. But also possibly - and nobody ever seems to mention this - because he doesn’t want to dump a quarter of a million Americans on an economy that won’t hire them.

[ cf The Explanation That Dare Not Speak Its Name ]
WOW, stoners...

Still in the final stages of denial.

Could the core problem be that if we brought the troops home, we would have to demob them at the port of entry for them to be the Scary Down Turn in the economy.... Since they would still be on the pay roll.

Which rolls this over as a problem that as we stop the contractors, because they are no longer required to hire folks from OuterRurithania to staff the AFES that sells the condoms and ice cream to the troops, that suddenly the economic DOWN TURN in OuterRurithania would be so HORRIFIC as they sold off their dollar denominated Assets, that the Chinese would become the default Global Reserve Currency!!!

As I noted in my comment, the fruitBats at Sadly No could have done a whole lot more with the process.... And they could have been advocating that the Congress should be pushing out the money suppy by backing deficit spending to help states with block grants to pay the state workers to have their stay payed jobs. Which would of course, still mean using Tax Payer Dollars CONUS amongst the americans, even IF we risk the blowback from OuterRurithania and the rest of the low wage places our contractors go to hire folks...

Or they could have Supported God's One True And ONLY call that the DOD live up to the free market principles and become the Profit Center that God Truly Wants It To BECOME!!! so that all would know that in america we be lieve, and therefore it must be true, in the God Love of Laissez Faire Capitalism!!!

Since to Believe is to make it true!!! And to move units means to make it Real!!! Thus ONLY as the DOD becomes God's One True And Only Blessed Profit Centers will we be rescued from the God Hating America Bashing Liberals who hate the Guacamole!!!
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