drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why is CONUS outside of the Combat Zone?

Hum... what if domestic terrorists were calling up the Media to warn them that there were more domestic terrorist operations planned? ( cf s9: Your Ticking Bomb Scenario )

Remember Boys and NonPerKin:
we could learn all about how he personally loaded Saddam Hussein's nuclear weapons into Iranian flying saucers bound for Al Qaeda cells operating in the basement of San Francisco's world famous Nob Hill Male revue.
( op cit - emphasis what the True Sky God Wanted )
Yes, that really is the critical question in these times - why is it that the Psuedo Cons are unwilling to live out their mythic belief that we must win the WhateverOnWhomever or the IranqiStanian Flying Saucers will return....

Could it be that the core problem is that the old story is just not moving product any more?

That the new story remains how the True Believers are still being Persecuted by the radical Hard Left Draft Dodging Kultur of Dubya and Friends, who were putting the Christians In The Death Trains back when the Satanist Judge Abomination, who was IMPOSED UPON FREE PEOPLE by the Evil Dubya, in Kitzmiller_v._Dover_Area_School_District ruled that all True Believers were to be shovelled into the Death Trains and Turned Into Bio-Fuels to help defray the costs of Godless Prius Driving Liberals Who hate America!!!

Hey kids, so why are so many GOD Hating America Bashing Liberal Welfare Queens unwilling to support TOTAL WARFARE AND TOTAL VICTORY in America??? Could it be that they have lost faith in the Draft Dodger Kultur of Jeb Bush, who was SOOOO Unwilling to Rain Down Burning Brimstone from the Florida National Guard God Given Faith Squads, because he was soft on Armed Conflict From Divine Sources, and wanted to let the Liberals win in the Terry Schaivo Horror show that was about forcing the True Believers On The Death Camp Trains!!!!

Not that there may be more than a few problems going on CONUS about who are the True True Believers, and who are all in league with nanciPelosii ( who must resign as the false whore of babylon! )

Are YOU doing your part to make the DOD the One True And Only Profit Center or are you backing the stab in the back draft dodger culture of Jeb Bush persecute the True Believers???
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