drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The McCain Ammendment We Would All Like To See

Hey boys and girls, the senate just passed out the Homeland Security Buget, without a McCain Ammendment.

I guess we should feel mostly safer knowing that at present there is no apparent need to have an ammendment to the budget that would make it a crime for the Department of Homeland Security to engage in Torture and endless detention of Enemies of The State.

Clearly as long as the DHS can simply hand over enemies of the state to the armed forces, there is little need for any real concern.

But as some folks will have noticed, there is still this little complication that nothing prevents the DHS from rendering american enemies of the state abroad to facilities where the information could be more effectively extracted, and at far cheaper costs.

There is still that little bruHaHa between the State Department, that ironically, still lists our loyal ally Egypt as a nation that still allows torture. A point that came to light when the DOD decided to flush one of the "not really an enemy combatant, nor a useful information container" back to Egypt from their fun filled 3 year vaction in wonderful Sunny Camp X-Rray in Beautiful Gitmo Cuba!

So maybe we should all feel safer, and warmer, and fuzzier and kuddlier, that no one wanted a McCain Ammendment attached to the DHS's budget.

Could that really be the Big Wmas Prize for 2005 to americans as we all go about putting the Dubya back into Wmas?

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