drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

That Immigration Crisis

And could that be a part of the Complication that some of the Operation Yellow Elephants in congress are trying to work out as they find that they Must VIOLENTLY OPPOSE the bill that the Evil Liberals Who Control Congress Forced upon them unwittingly. I am just SHOCKED! SHOCKED!! I tell you that the Evil Liberals in congress have been such a slap in the Face to the President And Our Valiant Fighting Forces In Iran that they would put forward this so called Immigration Bill.

I should of course tip the hat to diggby for Tancredo's Mistresses hopefully now the Operation Yellow Elephant Types in Congress will grow some Stones and decide that they are no longer willing to allow the Radical Extremists to push them around and that at long last they will work on a sane and rational policy of immigration.

Why gosh, golly, who knows, as is noted in Bush's Secret War they may even decide that it is time to deal with limitting the number of Armed, Undocumented Workers the nation sends accidentally into other countries, simply because the Evil Liberals are afraid to Nuke First and think later. You Know, that whole "Courage of One's Convictions" that so many of them have prior to the actual indictment being revealed to the press.....

So Yes! Now More Than EVER we must protect those who happen to have American Citizenship, through no fault of their own, and based upon their complete lack of willingness to follow any of their rhetorical devices through to action!!

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