drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Liberals Stab Troops In Back With Their Hatred Of The Guacamole!

I therefore believe:
  • That it is past time for you to seek from the Congress for authority to guarantee the debt of states that, in response to the current recession, (a) seek to conduct their own state-level fiscal expansions, and (b) devise plans and strategies for the long-term repayment of the debt the federal government guarantees that the Secretary of the Treasury certifies as prudent and sustainable.
  • That it is time for you to seek from the Congress an amended Budget Resolution: to include in this year's forthcoming Reconciliation process an additional $500 billion of federal aid to states, distributed per capita and conditioned on their maintaining effort at the provision of public services--on their not repeating the mistake of Herbert Hoover of cutting government employment and spending in a downturn.</i>
[ cf Fiscal Policy in the Second Half of 2009 ]
Where is the Call for TOTAL MILITARY VICTORY over the economy!

Clearly as long as Liberals FAIL to demand that the Evil Obamanation make the Department Of Defense the Profit Center Of Freedome! None will be able to sleep safely knowing that the Socialist Welfare Statists are destroying our White Christian America with their Hated MarxistNationalSocialistPhallangistCommmunistIslamoCryptoZionism!

Are YOU doing your part to make america, american?
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