drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Bad Book, do not Read, it hates The Guacamole.

Idiot America by Charles Pierce. I am about half way through and NOT ONCE has he mentioned the Clearly Obvious, common sense approach about how The Argument from Divine Comedy mandates that we MUST accept the divinity of Dubya, or the slippery Slope of Communist National Socialism will destroy the freedome of America and Deprive Us All of the Economic Miracle that can only through the Military Victory of Privatizing the DOD as the Profit Center Of Freedome.

Which makes me worried that this Charles Pierce Fellow must be one of those radical left wingers who hates freedome, religion, our white christian america, and the reasoned discourse that comes with accepting Dubya as your personal lord and savior.

Although, it is really interesting how he puts together a well reasoned argument for the roll of the Crank in American culture, as the ones willing to take the time to hack on the popular ideology of the age, and to take ideas where they go, whether or not they ever become popular or profitable ideas.

If anything, one of the grand tragedies of the current mass culture is the loss of the True Crank, in favor of the mere psuedo-cranks who have sold out and become mere pimps for ill thot through ideas.

So baring the obvious parts where it must clearly be stabbing our troops in the back by failing to recognize the NEEDS of a WarPresident - the book itself is well worth the fun little romp. Fron the entree of the differences between Thurough Bred Racing Poofter Diansours, who wear woosy little eastern saddles, because they are manifestation of the GayHomoZeXualMarriageAgendanistaIsm of the radical left wing of the Intelligent Design Kabal of Unbelievers who are merely subliminally Pimping their Massive Capitale Gains Taxes.... through to the last part of his sad and tragic failure to become one with the True Amercan Way Of life, freeded from the HORRORS of the reality based community!!!!

Are YOU doing YOUR Part to make the DOD the profit center of Freedome that it can be?

Oh yes, I am hoping that at some point he will address the need to limit combat epistemology to only Those Whom Gaod Has Elected!
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