drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

making the DOD a Profit Center

Well someone has to say it. Clearly what we need to do is stop all of this shilly shalying of the Socialist and their Red Communist Regime in Washington, and show that the Virtues of the Free Market System are systematic, and therefore that the Whole Department Of Defense can finally be run as a Profit Center as the central banner of the Most Glorious Of Military Victories Of All The Mission Accomplished Dances!!!!

Clearly since the Free Market won the cold war, it is clearly time to live out Rumsfeld's 09/10/2001 dicta of ending the dark winter of Red Propoganda and Red Five Year Plans that had CRUSHED the freedome loving profit motive that would make the Department of Defense the Very Bastion Of Free Marketeering as it shined the victorious beacon of the profit margin upon the world!!!!

I mean, we would NOT want to allow the Department Of Defense to retreat into the failed pre-911 Kultur where it was merely one more COST CENTER of Socialist Dogeral!!!

Think of all of the Most Glorious Patriotically American Profits that will Profitabbly Be Freed if ONLY we stop molly coddling the welfare queens in the DOD and make it a Profit Center For Freedome!
Tags: dod, republican_pron

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