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Christian Martyrdom??? calls For?

Lou Engle's The Call played an important, and little discussed, role in the push for California's Proposition 8 during the lead-up to the November 1, 2008 presidential election. But Engle's The Call events have a dual function though; at that same event, held in San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium, Lou Engle and what appeared in available footage of the event to be Engle's disciple Eddie Brown, made high-profile calls, from the stage, for acts of Christian martyrdom to combat legal abortion.

During an impassioned and inflammatory speech to the audience, Engle declared that a second American civil war was inevitable if legalized abortion is not stopped. Some might accuse Lou Engle seems of working with great dedication to bring that prophecy into nightmarish reality.

[ cf Gingrich & Huckabee Endorse Christian Antiabortion Militancy ( emphasis mine ) ]
Hum... a call for chrisitan martyrdom... as it getting put into the Colloseium by the evil liberals?

Oh, wait, it is to COMBAT legal abortion... Hum... how can christians become lion food while opposing legal abortions.....

( h/t to
I've not written here about Lou Engle and Ron Luce before, but I've been meaning to do so for some time. If you don't know about these guys, go read what the Talk To Action article says about them. They are the real deal. It is NOT a good sign that Gingrich and Huckabee are embracing them in public like this.
{ cf s9: Gingrich and Huckabee Meet Lou Engle and Ron Luce ]
for keeping us all in the loop. )

Hum... What sort of organizations call for Martyrdom????

What if this were a part of the usual flow of domestic terrorist actions? Would that be a clear and compelling argument in itself to liberate VenezueLaColumbiaMexiCanikistan?

Or is this strictly a legal thing, and we should not be all that worried, because as we all know, folks need to learn to laugh at these really funny things....
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