drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Nuking For Patriotism

FOR a few blissfully underdressed years in the 1950's, Bettie Page was the pinup queen of the universe, or at least of lockers, garage walls and private stashes across the country. Blessed with a killer body and the perkiest smile this side of Sandra Dee, Ms. Page (she turns 83 this month) looked equally at ease wearing a homemade bikini or a fine mist of ocean spray. And while few people looked as happy naked as she did — the young actress Gretchen Mol, who plays her in Mary Harron's exuberant biographical film "The Notorious Bettie Page," comes charmingly close — in 1957 she buttoned her sweater for good, leaving the neon world of titillation and tease without a trace.
[ cf AmPravda: 'The Notorious Bettie Page,' Beyond the Va-Voom ]
Hello There Red Communist Parasites of the Evil IslamoZionistBolshivikiBankingKonspirakiiUndtKosherDehli!!!

Do You really think that in the Middle of the Holy Crusade Against All Evil that the New American Revolutionaries have Time For Smut Or Porno while organizing a Global Nuclear Campaign to Wipe Out all of the dark sinister nests of evil!!!

I think NOT!!!

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