drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Nip/Tuck What?

Which part of this is suppose to make sense:

A search of F.B.I. computer records showed that Mr. Aragoncillo had conducted extensive keyword searches on agency computers for information related to the Philippines and had printed or downloaded 101 classified documents on the subject. More than three dozen documents were classified secret.

The classified documents that Mr. Aragoncillo is accused of passing center on political rivalries in Manila, according to court documents.

Now what exactly is Pravda On The Hudson trying to explain to us with this mounting NJ Spy Case??? Are they trying to engage in the defeatist rumour mongering that the FBI has shifted to doing political survaillance operations overseas in our former colonial protectorates? So that we can feel warmer and safer knowing that as we take on more colonial protectorates, such as ThatIraqiThingiePoo, which we can not allow to fall to the Iraqi People, we can know that the Spirit of J.Edgar Hoover is still being channelled into the current wonder world of the Divine Miss W! Or is this a part of the Evil Doing of the Evil Liberal Media whining that we are frivilously wasting the tax payers dollars on the survaillance of foreign political dissident movments when we have perfectly good problems here at home that the FBI could be doing survaillance on.

You know, like figuring out whom in the White House might have been involved in burning a CIA asset! I mean in a Time of More@War, or at least as a part of the time of transferring the tax burden onto the unborn! Shouldn't the FBI be doing the decent thing locally???

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