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Youn Republicans Without Gender Appropriate Outlets...

Hey boys and nonPerkin, remember the book, Unyoung, uncoloured, unpoor from 1969.... an interesting discussion point about what level of force is allowed? Would jesus support the use of violence?

It is equally interesting to note:
Richard M. Scammon and Kevin Phillips told the Republican Party in the 1960s that the American electorate was not young but middle-aged and old, not poor but middle-class and rich, and not minority but white. Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan heard them and decided to go "where the ducks are"--to try to cement an electoral coalition by broadcasting as many signals as possible that the Republican Party was not for the young, not for the poor, and not for the minorities.

Nate Silver says that the bill has finally come due:

[ cf Politics and Demography ]

What if a root of the current round of violence in america by the followers of the psuedo-con movement(s) is the sudden sense of betrayal? That unpleasant moment where the person wakes up and notices that being white is no longer the entitlement it had been pretended to be!

That while it is true that one could get a job with the Homeland Security Investment Bubble Corporations, that one would have to already be in the upper classes, so as to be the Great Lord Jim to one's own darkie troops, and it is not line one can dash off and become The Man Who Would Be King since they are giving those billets to...

What if there is more than one set of issues that is going to have to be corrected as we move into the new round of a two party system in america.

Or is that really a core part of the big picture problem here. There can be no simple retreat back to the golden age of the ending of the victorian ear.... That while yes, we can go back to that pre-Fossil Fuel Based economy for the want of the fossil fuels, that may not take us back to the same place we would like to have been in....

Since as the joke goes from Red Dwarf, some people's past life regressions take them back to being the Unix for Alexander The Great....
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