drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

When GodlessLiberal Outsourcers Take Away Paying Jobs From Americans

Oh dear, this is sooooo goint to screw up the ProWarDebate:
Triple Canopy workers are mostly from UGANDA!! There's a problem with them in Afganistan right now--turns out they can field-strip their AKs blindfolded but their English sucks and their tactical ability sucks. KBR contractors? Well... a fair amount of them are Somalian, Ethiopian, Russian and Fillipino.

It's like H1-B visa workers but wierder.

( citing You want the big chuckle? }

It is good to see that folks formerly with LRA have been able to play the Jeffersons, and moving on up to the big time....

But gosh, doesn't this just deprive our GodFearing All American War Hero WannaBe types? You know the folks who modelled their whole life around the Rush, and Tom DeLay, et al draft dodger kultur, who have now been brutally victimized by the Evil Liberal Government that not only was giving the good jobs to gays and girls, but are now giving them to Ferrign Devils!!!

I Am SHOCKED!!! Shocked I tell you to hear of these HORRORS of the Liberal Governments outsourcing to ferrign devils!!!!

I mean, will we have to honor them on memorial and veterans and national contractors patriotism day as well?
Tags: republican_pron

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