drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

It remains the same old story....

They love to whine about the death camps, and then wrap themselves in the mantel of the German Christian Church, and their loyalty to something....

If the death camps of the womyn's clinics were what they pimping says they are, then why no active effort to attack the death camps? Even the US Army Air Corp would make at least one effort to bomb the rail heads....

Or is that also a core part of the problem with the Pro-Life rhetorical posturing here? That they like the sound of the rhetoric, just like they like all war making sounds.... but in the final analysis their deep commitment to draft dodger culture mandates that they must stay out of the hostile fire pay zone....

Well at least we no longer have to ask, "If someone attacked america, would they still be sitting on their faces?" since the problem with the recruiting numbers spoke volumes....
Tags: war

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