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Well we got us one more in the growing defense of freedom::
Two soldiers were shot, one fatally, outside a military recruiting center in Arkansas by a gunman who police said was opposed to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Police said the suspect, Abdulhakim Muhammad, who also has used the name Carlos Bledsoe, drove up to an Army-Navy recruiting station and opened fire with an assault rifle, firing more than a dozen rounds into the building.
Authorities said Muhammad, described only as a "black male," has been charged with one count of capital murder and 15 counts of committing a terroristic act, and for firing a weapon into an occupiable structure.
"We believe that it's associated with his disagreement over military operations," said Police Chief Stuart Thomas, who said officials are looking into whether Muhammad had a "religious disagreement" with the US military missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

[ cf Two soldiers shot at Arkansas recruiting center ( emphasis mine ) ]
Ok, so this was one more religious opposition to the evils of the Blue Helmeted One Worlder NationalSocialistCommunistMarxinistPhallangist welfare statist actions of the evil Obamanation.

Does that really make it a bad thing?

I mean, in a time of tax cuts, isn't the most important thing to prevent the spread of evil from the central regime???

Thot experiment here - is targeting the welfare queens of the Armed Forces the same as liberating unbelievers who are not on active duty?

( h/t to Moe Be Dick )
Tags: religion, ugly_thot, war

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