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Evil Liberal Media Stabbing Troops in The Back With Defeatist Propoganda

For those who missed it, Bobblespeak delivers the goods on today’s Meet the Press:
Gregory: can the US still be the best in manufacturing?
[Google CEO Eric] Schmidt: yes we can lead the world in blogging, tweeting, and LOLCATs. [...]

Gregory: can you still make money in America?
[Caterpillar CEO Jim] Owens: sadly no
It’s almost like it was written by for us.
[ cf Bobblespeak for a Sunday ]
And to think that they want us to believe that the mere civilian president is some how capable of protecting america...

I mean, get real. ( for full on freak Value: Yo, this one's for all the young conservatives - it is so 'straight out of compton' by way of going galt enoughish... )

So remember Boys and NonPerkins:
The Most Important Thing In A Time Of War
Is Tax Cuts!
-- Tom "Doing it old skool" DeLay and Friends
Since, well, you wouldn't want to uh, thingus and pooh and all that technical bits....

{ fuggly for the slow readers, if we do not have the industrial base to maintain our Military Combat Capabilities, it is as IF we have lost both the strategic air war, AND the defeat of all of those submarines, seeking to make us the new Japan... and this without anyone but the DeRegulators to blame... Thank GOD we retain our massive Military Infrastructure.... sorta, kinda.... the parts that were not outsourced...}
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