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More Mission Accomplished Dancing....

Dr. George Tiller, whose Wichita, Kansas, women's clinic has been the target of anti-abortion protests for years, was shot and killed at his church Sunday morning, his attorneys said.
Dr. George Tiller was one of the few U.S. physicians that performed late-term abortions.

Laura Shaneyfelt, an attorney with the firm of Monnat and Spurrier, confirmed Tiller's death to CNN.

The 67-year-old doctor was one of the few U.S. physicians who still performed late-term abortions. He survived a 1993 shooting outside his clinic.
The anti-abortion group Operation Rescue, which has led numerous demonstrations at Tiller's clinic, condemned the shooting as a "cowardly act."

[ cf Doctor who performed abortions shot to death ]
Any bets on which TeaBaggers will have the balls to back their shooter?

Any bets on how fast the ProWarKliquists will play duck and cover???

Ah yes, you have to respect Operation Rescue and their cognitive dissonance about supporting Death Camps like the one that George Tiller ran, you know the modern Demon of Death, and then returning to their posture that they do not support the Resistance Movements that took up arms against the Evil Ones in Europe... and other places that our Boys in the OSS/CIA/SOE were willing to fund and armed resistence to each generations collection of Hugo Saddam Husein Chavez's....
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