drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Support ParaMilitary Patrols On Public Streets!

I am shocked!!! Shocked I tell you, to hear that Boston opposes putting paramilitary forces on the public streets:
he Boston Police Department wants to arm neighborhood patrol officers with high-powered military assault weapons, but the mayor doesn't think it's such a good idea.

Boston Mayor Tom Menino said Friday he will not approve a police department plan to put semiautomatic M-16 rifles in the hands of regular patrol officers. But Menino says he's open to giving them to "specialized units."

The police recently obtained 200 M-16s free of charge from the U.S. military and had planned to give them to dozens of officers for their patrols after training them to use the rifles.

However, some community leaders criticized the lack of public notice and questioned the reasoning behind arming district officers with M-16s when the city's SWAT team already has such weapons.

[ cf Boston mayor says no to police patrols with M-16s ]
Well, there you go....

Communist Armed Aggression By Liberals!!!

Think how the poor Pro-WarTypes will feel having only civilian style weaponry in the hands of civilian style police, when everywhere around us are all of those Threats! Zombies, Martians, Space Aliens, Beast Creatures from the Burning Sulphour Pits of Cleveland, and Liberals!!!
Tags: republican_pron, war

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