drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Not Nuke India?

Well we knew that there was a danger of allowing the Maoist Guerrillas to use Nepal as a Base of Operations...
... threatening as they do the neutrality of both China and India. So when we see:
BHANUPRATAPUR FOREST RESERVE, India — The gray light of dawn broke over the bamboo forest as the People's Liberation Guerrilla Army prepared for a new day.

Soldiers with an armed cadre of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) round up villagers for a rally in Bhanupratapur, in east-central India. More Photos »
With transistor radios tucked under their arms, the soldiers listened to the morning news and brushed their teeth. A few young recruits busied themselves making a remote-control detonator for explosives.

[ cf AmPravda: In India, Maoist Guerrillas Widen 'People's War' ]
We must ask ourselves why is it that the Evil Liberals have prevented us from Nuking India to protect the world from the spread of Maoist Ideological Deviationalism!!!

Can Americans AFFORD THE RISK of a Maoist Regime in both India and China??? Can We Afford The Risk that these nations might give nuclear weapons to Maoists? Can we Afford to learn of this with a Mushroom Cloud over an Actual American City, and not some blue state hot bed of liberalism and moral depravity like the World Trade Center where the god hating america bashing atheistic asiatic mongoloid pro-drug dealing pro-abort Gay HomoZexual Zombie Pirate Canadianists went to mingle and plot their main force assault on our white Christian America!!! The Sort of Sordid Cesspit that would "elect" a Hitlary to Congress to ooze that Evil Vile Evilness of Evil Doing Evilness!!!

No I Mean Actual Real Imaginary WMD systems used against Real Red State Persons!!!

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