drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

what if it were about prioritizing?

Hey kids, what if the problem with the downward spiral in the economy is NOT that we have Ideological Struggles with God Hating America bashers, but that we are basically facing the same old usual problems that cause depressions...

Which would lead to the comical problem - what if deficit reduction is not the fix - any more than it worked under the Red Kommunism of Herbert Hoover - and that we need to get the economy restarted, then we can get back to the need to reduce the usefulness of the government....

Why GOSH, then we would also consider that creating massive deficits for merely play pretend notions of 'national security' - because majikally the CIC is about protecting the right types of americans, and not in protecting, preserving and defending the Constitution of the United States....

Or would that mean that we would not be allowed to slip off the fiscally responsible band wagon merely because the economy was sorting itself out....

HUM.... what if americans had to learn how to live in a fact based reality, and it were about creating and maintaining priorities.... Oh me, oh my, what if it is not about divine revelations of the way it was suppose to have been, if it had been intelligently designed....

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