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Fraud? In a Time of Future UBU????

Another powerful lawmaker with ties to PMA, of course, is Rep. John Murtha, a close ally of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who chairs that same committee. And it also emerged today that a defense contractor which got millions in earmarks from Murtha, Kuchera Defense Systems, has been blocked from doing business with the Navy. A Navy spokesman said the suspension was a result of "alleged fraud, including multiple incidents of incorrect charges, defective pricing and ethical violations."

Earlier this year, the Feds raided Kuchera -- one of Murtha's major campaign contributors over the years -- as part of the PMA corruption probe. Murtha has steered $14.7 million in earmarks to Kuchera in just the last two years.

The AP reports:</i>
Asked about Kuchera's troubles, Murtha said, "What's that got to do with me? What do you think, I'm supposed to oversee these companies? That's not my job. That's the Defense Department's job."
t's not clear where the allegations of fraud that caused the Navy to take action came from, and whether they're related to the PMA probe.

Either way, it seems safe to say we're going to be hearing a lot more about all this.

[ cf PMA Probe Heating Up? Visclosky Subpoenaed, While Navy Suspends Contractor Linked To Murtha ]
ok, let us try to follow up the play here. We have Murtha channelling Peneta, about who's job it is to do what with the truthfulness of which....

While at the same time we have this problem that there is apparently Growing Corruption in the Contracting Game for WarLikeRelatedRevenueStreaming....

What if that IS a part of the core problem here.... Why is it that the WarLikeRelatedActivities are Suppose to be a Profit Center???

Could it be that the most important thing in a time of tax cuts is NOT pretending to have a war?
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