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WikiPedia Joins Hard Left Persecution Of Religion

Today, President Obama announced the Cyber Czar from the White House. His intentions are to find somebody who will crack down on Internet hazards such as phishing and spyware. However, he intends to keep the internet as open and free as it's ever been.

So one might turn a skeptical eye to the recent decision by Wikipedia to ban Scientology and its members from editing Scientology-related Wikipedia pages. Should the user-edited encyclopedia make such a bold move and ban an entire religion from editing its pages? Isn't that some form of bigotry or religious intolerance? Wouldn't that undermine "open and free"?

Well... there's religious bigotry, and then there's having a proper ground for banning the religion as a whole from editing pages. Personally, I think that Wikipedia has a pretty good reason for banning Scientology from editing its pages. It has as good a reason for preventing Scientologists from editing the pages as it does cracking down on Scientology critics.

[ cf Wikipedia Bans Scientology. ... Good! ]
It is obviously not merely koinkidenk tghat the Obamanation has come out in favor of destorying white christian america by failling to allow Protection Of America's Original Founding Religion!!!

Thus obviously....

Oh hold it... If america is a christian nation, and the nation is built on the bible, then how can scientology exist at all??? Or is it just the logical marriage of social darwinism and the tax code?
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