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Intel, Turf Wars, nanciiPelosii Must Resign

"The nation's two intelligence chiefs are locked in a turf battle over overseas posts, forcing National Security Adviser James L. Jones to mediate, according to current and former government officials," the AP's Pamela Hess reports. "The jockeying between CIA Director Leon Panetta and National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair centers on Blair's effort to choose his own representatives at U.S. embassies instead of relying only on CIA station chiefs."
Meanwhile, President Obama plans to merge the staffs of the Homeland Security Council and the National Security Council to speed up and unify security policymaking inside the White House, according to The Post's Spencer S. Hsu.

"The White House also will add new offices for cybersecurity, for terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction, and for 'resilience' -- a national security directorate aimed at preparedness and response for a domestic WMD attack, pandemic or natural catastrophe, officials said."
"The approach effectively reverses a mainstay of the Bush administration's war on terrorism, in which global counter-terrorism was treated primarily as an intelligence and military problem, not a law enforcement one. That policy led to the establishment of the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; harsh interrogations; and detentions without trials."

[ cf Eye Opener: Intelligence Turf War ]
Hum... put our thinking cap on here...

So you are making some fat bank recycling Fox News Media Agenda Moments as intelligence products, and some one comes along and threatens to upset the apple cart....

You gonna give it up and go back into the private sector?

And do what? Pimp Hedge Funds?
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