drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Unquestioned Proof that nanciiPelosii Must Resign

Unfortunately, god hating america bashing dr_strych9why the '-' in that title is a minus, given his hatred of the guacamole in

Shorter Ariel Rabkin: the dirty wogs are coming to kill us all in our beds... and make us learn how to type ϕβκ.com into our browser windows. God help us if Barack Hussein Obama sin Laden Malcolm X cuts loose the ICANN from the Commerce Department, because the next thing you hear will be truncheons and jackboots on the street outside your house. WOLVERINES!!!!1!

Shorter S9: the only privilege the U.S. government enjoys in governing the Internet anymore is to write a check every year to Verisign and ICANN; Verisign doesn't even notice the money, and ICANN hardly needs any. This is not a privilege worth defending, much less paying cold hard cash to retain.

[ cf s9: The Weakly Standard: Persistently Wrong About EVERYTHING ]
Once again, one of those Evil America bashing god hater who got his job because of the NationalSocialistMarxianistPhallangistIslamoCryptoZionist Cliques is upset because a patriotic american defends our god given right to rule the Universe Under The Leadership of Ming The Merceless....

or was that merdeless for the french readers?

What can I say, I find it a tragedy that we live in an age where folks are out of work, and the wankers in the evil liberal media are getting paid to write Ideologically Demented Drek, when there are perfectly Great Crank RockStars standing by in the wings to be totally Ideologically Incoherent for half the price!!!

I guess it is a fun life now that the rational types who formerly were employed making real technology really work are getting to watch that technology being nationalized by idiots who have no idea what it is to make a technology work.

Thus proving that nanciiPelosi is WRONG and must resign.

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