drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

well file that under the 'it makes sense given the zeitgeist'

Clark Rockefeller's meticulous scheme to kidnap his 7-year-old daughter required months of painstaking planning. He bought a home in Baltimore under the fake identity of a Peruvian ship captain, hid his $800,000 divorce settlement in gold coins, lined up three getaway vehicles, and told tall tales to get unwitting accomplices involved in the effort, one of whom thought he was driving Rockefeller that Sunday to Newport, R.I., to go sailing with the son of Senator Chafee.
Instead, he told the jury that they will hear testimony from two mental health experts that Rockefeller suffered from a "such fundamental mental illness" that his increasingly grandiose lies sealed him off from his own memories.

[ cf Defense: Rockefeller lived in 'magical, insane world' (emphasis mine)]
Hello. Many people are in the 21st century, and we have all been living in a magically insane world...

Oh there's the problem, this rockerfeller was not pimping his majikal insanity as national security.

Well OFF with His Head!!!!

Only the RedQueen can do those sorts of things....

No, sorry, the fourth branch of the government does not expressly do drag, except when it is going over the top with it's whole MarxianistNationalSocialism...
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