drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Total Military Victory In The Housing Market

Keeping with our patriotic theme, that Military First, Foremost, and Always, since this adds the special sauce of the CICneff to the WarPresident, and not merely a civilian president, let's get freaky on the housing Market:
As I've noted before, I believe this gap was caused by distressed sales - in many areas home builders cannot compete with REO sales, and this has pushed down new home sales while keeping existing home sales activity elevated.

Over time, as we slowly work through the distressed inventory of existing homes, I expect existing home sales to fall further - See Existing Home Sales: Turnover Rate - and eventually for the distressing gap to close.

[ cf New Home Sales: The Distressing Gap ]
Well, there it is....

More Great Military Victories!!! And as the Forces of Truth, Justice And The American Way keep on marching towards total victory, who knows what the value of homes will become.... and then we will get to see the marvelous victory of the financial sector as it has to deal with the economic reality that their BigBagOhPooh (BBOP) is not marketable at market rates....

Hey boys and NonPerkins, what if we had a National Military Victory Against BBOP that would be allowed to use Privatized Military Forces to Defeat The Holders Of Pooh!!! Why then the Pooh would be gone, and all that would remain was Mission Accomplished Disco Dancing and the RINO Rave Dancers!!!!

HappiNeff would rain from the sky, and all would be happy at Total Victory in the Financial Sector....

{ ok, so there is the fun that the sunnyvale downtown project is pending a re-fi, as there is no money lendable for the completion of the project, so.... TOTAL MILITARY VICTORY!!!! }
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