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On re-winning the Cold War

Volks, let us start with a brief reality check here. yes, for many of my godless america bashing liberal friends, and their ProWarWeenie bed fellows, the cold war majikally ended with the fall of the berlin wall on november 9th, 1989. Rather than with the removal of the Group Of Soviet Forces In Germany in 1994...

So we have a little time to worry about what should have happened. And was it all really Bill Klinton's Evil Liberal Fault that things so clearly went so terribly wrong.

As some will recall, all of the psuedo war fighting thingies of the Klinton era were all about 'wagging the dog' and not really like congress had made him the war president after the first attack on the world trade center, and all of the other parts of the asymetric warfare scenario's that made up the time when most americans were unwilling to be engaged in the discourse about when is the problem a matter of 'law enforcement' and when should it be handed over to the death squads so that the civilians are not bothered with the stickey bits.

One of my evil liberal friends so elegantly listed the great reasons for having the privatization of the 'intelligence comunity' - since we let the government pay all of the up front costs to send the troops through all of the basic and advanced military training - and then let the private sector reap the profits.

Since a private corporation will not be liable to workman's comp for any on the job problems. Nor will they have to pay into things like a benifits programme, or the VA....

So we see the first round of the great victory of the final stages.... Socialize the Costs, and Privatize the Profits, and Screw the Working Stiff....

Who knows, we may want to work out if that is really what the republic has been all about? Making disposable baby killers, because the ProWarWheenies have better things to do than show up and be constructively engaged in war winning...

Ah yes... Why not simply shut it all down, and we can then see who will show up to defend america if the militia is called out.... For our slow reader, try to remember why the NRA came into existence to begin with. Try also to wonder why it is we do not have the National Mortar Association and the National Anti-Tank Association, and the.... could it be that the NRA has strayed from it's core mission, because, well that too has become politically inconvenient???

So why not go back and rework out what should have been the wave of the future....
Tags: intelligence, war

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