drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Should Obamanations Fund Psuedo Konspirakii?

Ok, so the news is starting to leak that the reason those four alleged terrorists were up to doing all of that bad, but without actually having any weapons, and were caught by the plant who was the federal funding informant, is.......

So would you take on a risky criminal enterprise, such as being the fall guy for Obamanation so that your brother could get the liver transplant???

And should the Obamanation be allowed to entrap folks into risky criminal enterprises so that the news splash will show that the paid informants can stage media spectacles???

I mean, this would work better with DearOldDick at the helm.... since we would also have the opportunity for a pay per view torture session for the select of the elect... the truly cool kids.

( digby's take: They're Coming To Get You )

Could this be a good time for the Obamanation to step up to the plate and resolve what the National Security Homeland Defense Health Care Programme should be - so that we do not face home grown terrorists trying to raise cash as Federal Special Operations Contractors, who happen to also be the fall Perkins....

Or were we just suppose to kvetch about the problems of outsourcing in the NationalLackOfIntelligenceCommunity?
Tags: they_did_what

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