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Hetros' Stab Stuff In Back...

Ok, I confess, I did not know that there was a genre about men who fall onto planets of only women, and that the new bend on this is with a western theme wear version. No, those people are just, well, WRONG!!! Clearly another case of SciFiWesternNationalSocialistMarxinistIslamoCryptoZionism.

Where the choo-choo took the big trip around the bend was learning:
Publisher's Weekly has a great run-down of the rapidly growing genre of paranormal romance books,
paranormal romance is about the relationship, dark fantasy is usually about other stuff
Most of all, it's amazing to realize quite how successful the genre has become, growing at a massive rate even as the book industry as a whole suffers.

[ cf People Are Falling In Love With Paranormal Romance ]
Ok, this is where they should be rounded up as obvious Enemies of the state....

I thot that the whole point of getting the tax cuts for the war was to be providing us with gooder culture...

I mean, what is the point of
The Most Important Thing In A Time Of War!
Is Tax Cuts
-- Tom "Yes there is a KulturKampf Going On, with hats and fishnets, and permenate capital gaines tax cuts" DeLay
You know, to protect us from the Radical Hard Left who want legislatures to legislate, Governators To Governate, and Judges to provide some solid judgement....

{ SAFTEY WARNING - do not watch the vidoe ao i09, since the dialog May Be Terminal.... Oye... The Drek, The Drek!!! I mean who make that mark to fantasy island.... }
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