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Holy New World Order!!!

On the Google News Page we see:
By Steve Holland. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House gave a new vote of confidence to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Friday in the face of criticism from a handful of retired generals who are demanding Rumsfeld resign. ...
while in the article itself we find:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House gave a new vote of confidence to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Thursday as yet another retired general demanded Rumsfeld resign.
Now I do not mean to suggest that Goggle is a Part of the Monolithic Evil Liberal Media, but....

And then we Get This Winner:
Three retired generals have broken cover and silence in recent days and called publicly for President Bush to fire his defense secretary, Donald H. Rumsfeld. Way past time for the officer corps to speak up, I say.
Marine Gen. Anthony Zinni was the four-star commander of U.S. Central Command just before 9/11 and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has long experience in the Middle East, and President Bush used him as his negotiator in the Israel-Palestinian standoff.

Besides urging the firing of Rumsfeld, Zinni suggested that there was also something wrong with military leaders unwilling to risk their careers by speaking up against disastrous ideas that come down from their civilian bosses.

[ cf Ex-generals Show Some Spine ]
What makes this scary is that the article is being written by Joseph L. Galloway - at Military.com - which means we have the author of 'we were soldier's once' that became the Mel Gibson vehicle We Were Soldiers, which for the FNG's is about the fiasco that was X-Ray In the Ia Drang, where we were lucky enough to not yet totally screw the pooch, as we would on the next day trying to get to Zebra... But that way also suggests that there are still some open issues in the american culture about how to do our WarHeroWorshipping...

Not to mention the question of why are we laying all of this 'showing some spine' off on the Flag Officers who should NOT be involved in american Foreign Policy Decisions, and that such should be the Obligations of the President and Senate - and that whole process of "advise and consent".... Or are Golks Like Galloway being sucked into the Trap of Supporting the Militarists and the process of Militarizing America!!!!

Why is it we are not hearing any major calls for say, oh, I do not know, Congress? Or How About the Attorney General! Growing a pair worth knocking together and, well, gosh, doing what has to be done - rather than hoping that they can keep hiding behind the skirts of the likes of Specialist Lynndie England - hoping that someone else will be heroic!!!

Or IS that the fundamental problem in the USofA today. After having been all 'pro-war' now folks are not at all sure if they can ever be "pro-american" and actually want to return to the USofA where there was Constitutional Law! To that time before the Adoption of the Culture Of Corruption!!! And now, well, the sheer capitulation that there is no other hope but to abandon the former USofA to the Miltarist in the hope that the Miltary will be able to wave their Majik Lynndie England and everything will be so much like it had been before...

Is there a chance that we can step away from the New And Improved Militarist America, where only Flag Rank Officers and Above have a voice in what must be done...

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