drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Proof nanciiPelosi Must Resign!!!

Hello! Hello! Pro Communist Hate Freedom Folks!!! Terminator Salvation opened last week. What is it with U.S. cybersecurity report to be issued Friday that fails to address the need for goverment to be fully productized and co-branded so that people will be able to work with the Correct Levels of Fully Financialed Fear Mongering!!!

I mean, what sort of Hate Guacamole Type was unable to be the closure and bring out the report as a clear tie in with the GREATEST MOVIE EVER!!!

I mean, can there be any doubt that this is all proof that nanciiPelosii hates the Guacamole, and must resign, to open up the Government to More Co-Branding!!!!

Anything Less and the Terrorist Rebrand without getting the no-bid contracts!!!!

{ include appropriate tom delay moment here. Repeat until unconscious. }
Tags: economics, intelligence, republican_pron

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