drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why DOES the chamber of commerce HATE America?

Have you seen the email spam with
The Golden State Action Plan is available for downloading at no cost by visiting our Turning California Around website at http://idm03.com:81/t/39/79651/1/0/. Go to the site, review the plan carefully, and in the comments section of the website let us know what you think.
Where they attack such issues as
  • rebuilding the infrastructure
  • Improve Education and find and maintain a superior Workforce
  • Restore and Maintain Fiscal, Tax, and Regulatory Discipline
and yes there are other irrational Pro-Al-Qaeda Bush Bashing God Hatings....

I mean what will it take to "restore faith in Private Sector Solutions" - besides outsourcing ThatIraqiThingiePooh to a quasi-military force that would not drain the tax payers and would still achieve the goal of getting the Woodies for the Victims of Chicken Hawk Angst Syndrome....

But other than that. Why does the US Chamber Of Commerce Hate America? Don't they like what Maximal Leader Has done???

And if they don't, shouldn't they be In GitMo where they can get a chance to give it up as to which of their Al-Qaeda Fellow Travellors are also out therer opposing Maximal Leader!!!!

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