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More Communst Armed Aggression

The U.S. Treasury would get a majority of equity in a restructured General Motors Corp., said a person familiar with the automaker’s talks with the government.

A restructured Chrysler LLC is close to emerging from bankruptcy and will come out on the short end of earlier estimates of 30 to 60 days, said the person, who asked not to be identified describing the private discussions. Chrysler, which filed for bankruptcy protection on April 30, isn’t likely to emerge this week, the person said.

GM, faced with a June 1 bankruptcy deadline by President Barack Obama, tapped $4 billion more in U.S. aid last week to push its total to $19.4 billion. GM also won a union agreement to cut the payment of stock to a United Auto Workers health-care trust by 55 percent, giving the biggest U.S. automaker more equity to spread among creditors.

The person wouldn’t estimate the government’s ownership percentage for GM. The Canadian government also will have an equity stake, the person said.

[ cf Treasury Said to Get Majority Equity Stake in GM ]

The MexiCanukistanianists are Going to Nationalize a part of the Red Communist Front Organization formerly known as GM - as a part of the whole IslamoCryptoZionism!!!

Well, there is proof that when you let known COMMUNISTS, like unions, working in corporations, there can be no other choice but the Nationalization by NationalSocialists!!!!

Thus Proving that nanciiPelosii Must stand Down because she hates the Guacamole!!!

Would this be a bad time to point out that by shifting to a national health care system, we could have the same great medical coverage provided to all americans that our combat troops on the Wall Street fronts are getting by way of the Government Privatization of Nationalized Health Care, thus lifting that financial burden off the shoulders of american corporations, and putting it back in the National Security Directorate where it belongs....

{ it is not really like one can randomly select private and nation and mix and match like this were a fashion thing. But it works well enough most of the times. Except for, well, the usual fashion risks... }
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