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Is it time to SmokeMoreDopeInLieuOhEconomicStuffies

Is it really time to whip inflation now?
Some investors are worrying about a return to '70s style inflation as the dollar weakens and oil and gold soar. But the concerns, while valid, are premature.

You gotta love that head line....

I mean, our troops are still winning, therefore the economy must be doing great? isn't that always the dogma about what happens when there is a need to deal with issues - since of course it was WWII that ended the great depression, so clearly since we are so winning WWIV we must be out in front.

Besides these are not the scary days of Radical Leftists like Richard "Peace Freak Dirty Stinking Hippie" Nixon who would close the gold exchange as a part of his kapitulationist policies of down sizing the forces in vietnam....

So do we really need to worry about the prospects that at some point in the future, there will be a need for the american economy to work on the basis of being an economy and not the largess of being the land of the reserve currency, where our two most critical exports, are all about FantasyIsland.

The first because it comes from RedHollywood which is clearly still massively defeating Bollywood and their ferrign devil fellow travellors, since why else would the stab the troops in the back liberal types have opted for Slumdog Millionaire? I mean that is what red hollywood does when it is hating america. It's all a part of their productizing scheeme.

Then the Other Big Winner is our ability to create debt instruments so that folks overseas have real all american debt instruments that show them where their dollars went. Rather than having them FerrignDevils have to hold the debt instruments of people who can not numberalize them in dollars. Those people you can not trust, because they do not have the moral fibre like Americans do....

Thus the more important questions that Communist Fellow Travellors at CNN/Money should be asking is why the Department of Homeland Security allows Defeatist Rumour Mongering to stab our troops in the back...
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