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Why We Must Nationalize the Privatization Of Intelligence Creation

Anyone who served in Iraq, and veterans on both sides of the aisle have made this argument, knows that the foreign fighters did not come to Iraq en masse until after the revelations of torture and abuse at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. I heard this from captured foreign fighters day in and day out when I was supervising interrogations in Iraq. What the former vice president didn't say is the fact that the dislike of our policies in the Middle East were not enough to make thousands of Muslim men pick up arms against us before these revelations. Torture and abuse became Al Qaida's number one recruiting tool and cost us American lives.
[ cf Former Senior Interrogator in Iraq Dissects Cheney's Lies and Distortions ( emphasis mine )]
Let us pause and think a moment here....

IF this is an alleged interrogator, and he disagrees with the VP, then it can only be because he Hates Guacamole! Since if he were an apporpriate Private Contractor who was working on a Private Contract to create the intelligence product, then there would be a requirement that he was not at liberty to reveal the ways and means for making IranqIstania the central battle front of the WhateverOnWhomever - since such information would not only be the IP of the Contracting Firm, but would be protected by Copyright Laws, which are clearly MORE important than mere national secrets laws!!!!

Thus the NATION MUST move to Nationalize The Privatization of Intelligence Creation so that all of the made up intelligence products are protected by National Polices to Privatize the Profits and Socialize the Risks that come from just making up intelligence Products!!!

Anything Less and the Terrorists Rebrand!!!
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