drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Praetor Patreus Supports Treson and Tyranny

As UnNamed God Hating America Basher wondered
I wonder how Cheney/Rove/Limbaugh will spin this?
Well, I think that
General David Petraeus said this past weekend that President Obama's decision to close down Gitmo and end harsh interrogation techniques would benefit the United States in the broader war on terror.

In an appearance on Radio Free Europe on Sunday, the man hailed by conservatives as the preeminent military figure of his generation left little room for doubt about where he stands on some of Obama's most contentious policies.

[ cf Petraeus Endorses Obama's Plans To Close GITMO, End Torture ]
simply goes to show that the Pro-WarTypes who formerly thot that Dubya was the Greeatest War Hero Ever, are still having problems with resolving which roles their mythic heroes should have, since, as we all know
The Most Important Thing In A Time Of War
-- Tom "who really wanted to be a great war hero" DeLay
And thus we must live with the FRIGHTFUL HORROR that Praetor Patreus has come out as one more NationalSocialistMarxianistCommunistIslamoCryptoZionist!!!

How Shocking!!!

And to think that the Future Normal Unborn Baby UBU took on the fiscal liabilities for him....
Tags: war_crimes

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