drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

We are SOOO Winning against East Asia!!

UnHoly Defeatist Rumour Mongering By Stab Our Troops In The Back IslamoCryptoZionists:
Are the Chinese finally getting serious about loosening their ties to the dollar—and even replacing the greenback with the yuan as the global economy's reserve currency? The evidence is mounting that they are.

For the last two months, China's leadership has been complaining about the country's dangerous dependence on the dollar. Beijing holds $2 trillion in dollar assets, accumulated through years of exports to America and massive purchases of Treasuries by the Chinese government. If Washington can't rein in its mounting budget deficit, both Treasuries and the greenback could weaken considerably—and the Chinese could be big losers as a result.

[ cf China's Yuan: The Next Reserve Currency?
Skeptics have dismissed Beijing's talk of de-emphasizing the U.S. dollar, but China is making moves that could soon lead to a convertible yuan
Well, there you have it!!!

Communist Pinko Unamericanism - straight from the mouth piece of radical hard left NationalSocialistMarxianistDeviationalism, Business Weekly. Mien Gott Im Himmel!!!! Don't these cheese eating surrender monkies understand:
The Most Important Thing In a Time Of War
is Tax Cuts!
-- Tom "The government was giving the good billets to minorities" DeLay
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