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Will Pandering Reform work with the full DOD and DNI?

Given the four plus times costs of getting private contractors do what soldiers and sailors, and now the bulk of the Intelligecne community, use to do. Should americans look at the folly of Pandering Reform as a real step in any direction, or more of the same old hide the salomi game?
The bill would institute independent assessment of how weapons are acquired, increasing oversight and transparency of programs that are prone to bloated costs and deadline overruns.

Along with the Senate's 93-0 vote, a similar measure was approved by the House Armed Services Committee on Thursday by a vote of 59-0.

"What we've lacked is the discipline. We've lacked somebody with clout inside the system who can put an end to or reduce significantly these cost overruns," he said.

One aspect of the proposed changes would be the creation of a director of independent cost assessment who would report directly to the secretary of defense. The bill also would require that a contract be stopped and reassessed if the cost rose to 50 percent above the original estimate.</i>
[ cf Military procurement reform sweeps through Senate ]
What if it were just time to admit that we wagged the dog till it just tinkled all over the place....

And now it is time to resolve IF we want to be the world police force, or can we settle back and quietly hunt for enemies of the state domestically and be happy with what we find and torture out of them????

You know we can do that for a whole lot less. Why we could even just hire the fox news network to be both the intelligence community AND the whole Department of Defense, as well as Kommisarriate of State Security....

Just think of all of the tax revenue we could save ourselves....

I mean, would Kommunists in the kremlin attack america if they know the Attack Ambush Journalism of Fox News was going to be unleashed on some one, and maybe even someone related to the attack, or the kremlin, or america!!!

And that would be good enough for the money that we would raise from Fox News for getting the change to be the Wholy Trilogy of National Security....
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