drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Those Majikal Cost Savings...

Back in the 80's it was merely a matter of outsourcing members of the armed forces to outside contractors. Which in real terms meant things like paying the same guy, but as a civilian contractor, four times the salary, plus overhead, while losing that sailor as a member of the USN available for other duties as tasked....

Then come the EVILS of the Clinton administration and we lost much of the intelligence community to similar outsourcing... So how exactly is this a cost saving process when we jack up the price per head by four???

And how exactly are these profit centers to begin with.....

Or is that the really bad ugly here, the DOD and Intelligence communities were always the welfare queens through whom cash was shipped to the private sector, which became the captive toadies of this evil socialist welfare state model....

So when the whining snivellers say that they do not support Socialism, is that really just liberal code word for their stabbing the troops in the back?
Tags: republican_pron

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