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They Have A Technical Name For it...

... But I can not quite recall which....

This came up in the context of
David Perry, prosecuting, said the case against Kendall-Smith was that the orders were lawful and he had a duty to obey them as a commissioned officer.

He added that the question of the invasion of Iraq was irrelevant because it occurred prior to the charges which date back to last year. And he said that at the time of the charges, the presence of coalition forces in Iraq was unquestionably legal because they were there at the request of the country's democratically-elected government.

[ cf RAF man who refused to serve in Iraq found guilty ]
Right, There You Have It!!!

Worked perfectly well when the Soviet's Liberated Afghanistan, and Hungary, and Czechoslovakia, and....

Now More Than Ever Gloriously Patriotically Corrector Than Thou Types Should chant
If the Blue Dress Does Not Fit,
You Must Acquit!!!
As we all know that the current liberated Government of Iran has decided that it is totally Fit And Proper for the American Troops who happen to be In Iran without working Papers will be amnestied, because while the current liberated Government Of Iran is not the actual d'jure or d'facto regime in power there, they will be retroactively capable of making this modifications to the flow of law as will be required to prevent any more Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Weapons to be used on Suspected Terrorist Facilities in The Liberated Zones Of Iran.

Be Seeing You.

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