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Speaking Of Zombie Malls...

One industry rule of thumb holds that any large, enclosed mall generating sales per square foot of $250 or less -- the U.S. average is $381 -- is in danger of failure.
For towns and cities that are home to dying malls, the fallout can be devastating. Malls hire hundreds of workers and are significant contributors to the local tax base. In suburbs and small towns, malls often are the only major public spaces and the safest venues for teenagers to shop, hang out and seek part-time work.

[ cf WSJ: Ghost Malls ]
For those of you who have not been following the HORROR in the commercial real estate sector, this is, of course, still part of the old news....

Hum... what if a part of why dearOldDick is sqwacking so loudly that he has always supported Torture as the only way to defeat the liberals of wall street IS to provide the comic relief as a part of the HORROR of it all..

Of course, now would be a gooder time for americans to learn more about how to lie with statistics, so that as we get happy news about drifts and shifts in the median, we are not going to get confused about how that is near or different from say average, and how....

Oh Look, nanciiPelosii Hate American and is stabbing our troops in the back!!!
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