drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

On Rockstar - the ideological struggle.

I remain amused by the ranting about i wonder if i'll ever get another job in this valley - where the kvetch is about
You're smart, you're fast, and most importantly, you always get it done. Admit it, you're a rockstar.
which appears to be the mindless void being puked up by various head hunter kliques for a wide range of jobs.

One has to wonder how this ties into the whole "going galt" on the one side of the coin. While on the other side we have the problem of Old Fuddy Duddy Antiques like ronebofh who have become such anachronistic antiques that they are no longer about to converse with the younger generation, to
Get Down, Verbally...
as it were...

Can we as a society afford to allow these so called 'elders' take away the high paying jobs that they are merely camping out on, because of their unwillingness to admit that they MUST be put on the ice floes, and allow the younger generation the right To RULE!!! Clearly we must return to the kinder and gentler days of Wild In The Streets - and help intern these counter productive elements in "re-education camps", and permanently dosed on LSD.

We must seek to move forward to TOTAL VICTORY! Or the Terrorists ReBrand...

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