drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

And after the Glorious Military Victory Over The Economy?

I sometimes wonder if we shouldn't start right now with discussing what sort of America For Americans we want, after of course the Most Glorious Victorious Victory over the economy?

I keep finding it amusing to see all of these bumper stickers about not wanting Socialism on cars that are, well, let us be polite, driven by the draft dodger culture who are not willing to be ideologically correct about the need to stop wasting tax payers dollars on things like the DOD and the Justice Deparment.

So what should the government, if there is to be any outside of the scope of the Free Market, be looking like after total victory arrives? Or is that still the core target to be destroyed as the Armed Forces of the Free Trade In Free Markets roll over the last hold outs of having a country....

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