drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

DePoliticizing the Military?

Now, ok, back when everyone liked the idea of Politicizing the Presidential Security Detachment of the former Secret Service, some of us were asking if it really was a good idea to create a Praetorian Guard for the Great Leader. Now we are watching the Politicization of the Upper Echelon of the American Command.

The other day there was an unpleasant concern from one of my Evil Liberal Friends that he is SOOOO Cranked that there are Flag Officers who resigned their commands, and went into retirement, and are only now are complaining about the way that TheIraqiThingiePooh was fumbled. { Personally better now than never, especially since americans may need to debate what to do with the current efforts to liberate, and restore, the Wetlands of Iran, so as to back the Troops There. } But this does bring up the small ugly - should we REALLY be advocating Militarist Policies In America?

Should the final explanation for why we should avoid Violating The Laws Of Land Warfare be that some members of the American Military High Command Oppose the violation of the Laws Of Land Warfare???? Why not go for the simpler, old school american model, that the commission of a CRIME is Simply WRONG because as Americans we do not support the Culture of Corruption!!!! Not because we have this many Medals for prior Military Service, but because it is a simple matter of ethics and morality that does not require a lot of Blood All Over One's Hands to Understand!!!

I mean let us get serious here folks, for a moment, if you will forgive me, but does the reality of
Murder Is A Crime!!
become MORE TRUE if I have become an 'air ace' and merely shot down five airplanes - with or without the deaths of the pilot and/or Crews? Does it become Even MORE True if I have served as an Artillery Crew member, hence have been able to count our Kills in the Hundreds because we use those lovely High Explosive Devices with the Really Lovely Wide Kill Zones. Does it become even MORE True if I am a nuclear weapons professional, and we get to do the counting in the Mega Deaths!!!!

So if the volume of Blood On One's Hand does not change the validity of a given proposition. Perchance we should not be tacitly supporting the Proposition
Service Leads To Citizenship
and from there, who knows - maybe start advocating that creating a "military elite" whom will resolve the complex Political Issues Of Our Day, because we have lost hope in our Civilian Leadership, whether we are talking Congress, The Courts, Or the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!!

What if we start re-advocating a de-politicizing of the American Military, and returning it back to the tradition of the Citizen Army. Would that be able to keep the dreaded nightmare at bay?

Would it help return americans to the real beliefs of our Founding Father's and not this Carnival Of Blood demanded by the Militarist WannaBe's in the NeoConClownCarCrew...

So What IS it going to be america? Are we going to ask more of our leadership? Or are we going to roll over and just think of England!!!

Or is that the Grand Tragedy of the NeoConClownCarCrew - that they have forged this false memory that majikally americans really want to be militarists, and really do want to defer to the 'military caste' rather than grow the sense of Moral Responsibility that comes with being a VOTING MEMBER of the american society, and therefore somewhat obliged to be aware of the critical issues of our day!!!!

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