drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Der Unitarian Executive Prinzip

I think that we may as well put that Puppy on the Spit and roast it up...

What I found most comical when the first round of the great leader principle was being advanced, was the myth that the CIC ( commander in chief ) had some sort of Unique and Interesting Special Extra Judicial Majikal Wand Moments that came unto him while he was Holding the Throbbing and Tumultuous Tubber Of Truth, while wearing the Holy Gnostic Ring Of True Insight Into The Constitution That The Founding Fathers Wrote in the alternative time line, and of course while invoking the special incantations that come with the argument from divine comedy.

Such was not the policies of the DOD in my formative youth. In those days, it was the full tilt boogie kult position that the United States Armed Forces were ALWAYS under civilian leadership. This meant that when the CIC was acting as the CIC, he was doing so under the covering of Congress, in whom was vested the power to declare war. ( cf War Power Clause )

The alternative as it was argued back then, was that the president would be afforded far too great a body of powers, and that such an option would threaten the republic by allowing the rise of Bonapartism.

Clearly those are days now long since past.

So while we are discussing IF and when a president is allowed to stain the blue dress with the full support of the people, because they seek to support the president to support the troops....

We may need to show that the Unitarian Executive Prinzip is a flawed construct raised by those who would prefer to end the republic and replace it with a dictatorship.

As such I do not support the notion that the Executive is offered any majikal extra constitutional powers that allow the president to act outside of the rule of law! For we are still a nation of laws, and not of persons.
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