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UnHoly Al-Qaeda Globalist Clique Of Evil Doing Evil Doers!!!!

Ok, now this really is going to be a toss up. Originally I had been planning to smack American Pravda for
Under the decision, by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, or C.I.T.E.S., the limited export of one species, the Persian sturgeon, will be allowed by Iran. Only Iran submitted harvest data that met the organization's criteria for protecting one of the world's most coveted and lucrative wildlife products. The other Caspian nations, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan, will not be granted an annual export quota, effectively blocking legal shipments of the prized eggs to customers abroad. Export quotas for nations that harvest fish from stocks in the Black Sea, a less significant sturgeon-producing area, were set at a very low level.
[ cf AmPravda: Ban on Most Caviar Extended Indefinitely ]
Only To Have This Horror Hop Up In My Face:
The White House on Wednesday hit back at The Washington Post for its front-page story this morning which suggested President Bush in 2003 cited the discovery of mobile biological weapons labs in Iraq as "weapons of mass destruction" while knowing it was not true.
[ cf Ed&Pub: White House Demands Apology for 'Mobile Labs' Scoop ]
I mean, gosh... What is a good boy suppose to do?

I had originally wanted to beat on these Cheese Eating Surrender Monkies of The Vile Leftist Leaning Drum Beaters For War who are so clearly advocating with this main force assault on Iran, as the only EcoTerroristKlique Alligned with the Globalist Destoryers of Our White Christian America with their Evil Blue Helmetted Vampires on the Free Market System, that is overly regulating how to get Cavier to the Sort of Starving Children who have only been able to live on Cucumber Sandwiches and Pate Foi Graft since the Culture Of Corruption has not allowed them to openly steal Caviar.... But then I thought. Uh, What if the Evil Globalist One Worlder Drum Beaters For War were not aware that America Has Always been at war with Iran, and therefore didn't know that their reporting that Iranian Caviar is all that Poor Buffy And Muffy will have to serve when they embark on this seasons whirl wind Graft And Corruption Influence Peddling....

I Mean... What IS a poor Young Son to do in such time...

I mean can I really Pick on the Evil Liberal Drum Beaterrs For War who were so WRONG as to Disagree With the President on those Bio-Warfare Labs Of Deaths On Wheels, and that the President had relied on Multiple Sources!!! Where as the Evil Liberals Had limited themselves to the American Department of Defense and the American Intelligence Communities. Which as we all know, are infiltrated by persons who had been told about darwin, and therefore are God Hating America Bashers.

Ah yes... What Is the Morally Correct Position to take besides
If The Blue Dress Does Not Fit!!!
You Must Acquit!!!
Needless to say I was not at all surprised that one of my God Hating America Bashing Evil Liberal Friends said he had no idea why it was so important to me to keep lifting up the Holy Blue Dress Of Divine Virtue!!!! But that is clearly what we have come to expect from these Corrupt Pawns of the Iranian Caviar Kults And their Wiley Wicked Wanton Ways!!!! These are Not People Willing To SUPPORT The President To Support The Troops who are at this very Moment Winning Ever More Glorious And Ever More Victorious Victories over the Actual Real Imaginary Weapon Systems In Iran!!!

They are not back here in America Engaging in Mere Bush Bashing!!!!

Mien Gott Im Himmel it is as IF american have forgotten how long we have always been at war with Iran and why Now More Than Ever we must gain the Blood Vengence for how the Brutal Iranians prevented Ronald Reagan From Unleashing The Unmittigattingly Scare Actual Real Imaginary Weapons Systems Upon Iran because of the Vastly Criminal Konspirakii of the Iranian Caviar Kultists!!!

So can there be any more that needs to be said about why those who Oppose the President on Iraq are More Wronger Now than at any other time!!!!

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