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NanciiPelosi, WarKriminal and Konsureererer, Unmasked As Satanist!

Remember when Barack Obama said: "We can’t drive our SUVs, and eat whatever we want, and keep our homes at 72 [degrees] all the time, whether we live in the desert or the tundra, and keep consuming 25% of the world’s resources with just 4% of the world’s population... That’s not going to happen." Read about what is about to happen from our friends at GrassTopsUSA.
Cap-and-trade is being peddled as sound, environmentally friendly energy policy. In actuality, it has little to do with the environment and instead is a means to deprive you of livelihood, control your behavior and repress your liberties.

And extreme liberals in Congress just now put the legislative wheels into motion to actually make it happen.

On Monday, liberals fired the opening salvo in their quest to institute cap-and-trade legislation when Congressman Henry Waxman's Energy and Commerce Committee initiated hearings on HR 2454, the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009

( email from Newsdesk@conservativeamerica-online-info.com )

Because of the lack of Combat Forces to Protect Us from the other 96% of the population of planet earth, the defeatist Stab the draft dodging kultur in the back are, uh...

Now hold on a minute here...

Oh, uh, you see the idea of making a Market in which we will allow the market forces to drive the decisions, by implementing a Cap And Trade System means that the Red Communist Marxianist National Socialists are going to destroy your way of life - unlike the folks who had their livelee hoodies destroyed because they were so tightly wrapped into the financial sector or the american automobile system, which has all been nationalized by the Marxianist IslamoCryptoZionist Obamanation...

{ hey boys and NonPerkin, could it be that while the GODLESS LIBERALS were doing their part to sacrifice the Evil NanciiPelosii, that this was all a part of some Sinister Draft Dodger Kultur way of diverting attention form the growing threat to use market forces to mandate sustainable economic and social systems....

I am Just SHOCKED!!! and the evil liberal media fell for her SINISTER Kabuki Theatre Tricks!! }
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