drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Goggle UnMasked As Satanic Sight

UnNamedGodless UnBeliever Pointed out that the SATANISTS at google.com have opted to espouse their total hatred of freedome by using the EVIL IMAGE found at National Geographic Jpeg of Missing Link which of course has raised some concerns in ChristianistOstania. ( cf Thread at Rapture Ready )

Can there be any doubt that this is just MORE PROOF that NanciiPelosii must resign because she has personally been putting True Christianists on the Death Trains To The Death Camps that they are all keeping secret, which is why the liberals in congress are trying to make people think that the GitMo is the more important issue, rather than the ongoing crematorium burning of True Christianists by the Obamanationist!!!

{ hey, what other reason can there be for a marriage of inconvenience between the draft dodger cults of Rush, Gnewtser and friends? MUST be a proof that the NanciiPelosiiIsts at Google are engaged in Mind Controol! }
Tags: they_did_what

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