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There are at least 57 Known Communist In Congress

Oh the plot thickens
Obey joins Sen. Jay Rockefeller, former senator Bob Graham, and of course Pelosi herself in pointing to inaccuracies in the CIA document.

And, though most of the media was fooled by last week's statement, Panetta himself isn't guaranteeing that the document is accurate.

[ cf Another Lawmaker Points To An Error In CIA Briefings Doc ]
Is it just me, or is there a growing need to retire both the alleged 'intelligence community' and the so called 'media'.

For those who missed the Graham whine:
Graham denied being told about EITs, and argued that the presence of two staff members at the meeting (as indicated in the records) would have made it "highly unusual" for the briefers to divulge such sensitive info. "I don't recall having had one of those kinds of briefings with staff present," he said. "That would defeat the purpose of keeping a tight hold" on the info.
[ cf Bob Graham: I Don't Recall Being Briefed On Waterboarding ]

What if there were actually rules about how the CIA is allowed to do classified briefings...

Would this be a bad time to remind the draft dodging dope smoking dirty stinking hippies like Rove and friends, that in actual intelligence operations, and not merely hack job dirty trickstering, there are real live rules, because in the actual big boys big game, people get actually DEAD.

You know, the type of DEAD that is not a prank about credentialing people to the appropriate committees.
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