drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

oh, well that explains it all...

Konami apparently doesn’t agree. Dropping Six Days while still going forward with Saw: The Game is like punishing the kid in class who is asking adult questions while ignoring the kid who is killing the class hamster. Any suggestion that Konami is being high-minded is immediately undercut by releasing a torture porn game based on a series of movies that represent the very worst instincts of American entertainment.
[ cf 'Fallujah' game cancellation shows what's wrong with video game business ]
Well... there you have it.

More reasons why Nancy Pelosi MUST step down....

Clearly as the nation is dragged into the abyss of kids killing hamsters as entertainment, what more can we say about the horrors of Capital Gaines Taxes...

{ is this the part in the process, where my journalistic integrity mandates that i confess to playing StartCraft on a G4 running 0S9.2 or would that be toooo, well, you know, God Fearing All American Flag Waving Defense of Our God Blessed Traditional Family Values and none of this Soft on International IslamoCryptoZionism for me Wanker Dude!!! }
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