drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Is the formerly CIA now the fifth element?

I know that around you cheese eating surrender monkies, whining about how suddenly the formerly known as the CIA is now being run in such a way in which their alleged head hippie is no longer willing to vet that he has ever known if there was any information to be found about what was ever done in the CIA.

But has not yet been willing to invoke the Fifth Element argument that the formerly known as the CIA is no longer a part of the executive branch, and given that it has always moved much faster than DearOldDickCheney's mere Fourth Branch of government, and given as they have not officially gone to ludicrous speed, it must obviously follow that they are now more than ever the Fifth Element that forms the true triumvirate of the Supreme Executive Unitarian Force of the State!
Tags: republican_pron

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